Hall of Shame

We’re running a contest called “Dick Points” while we’re traveling… It’s from an old anti-drunk driving campaign that went something like “See Dick Drink: See Dick Drive: See Dick Die… Don’t be a Dick.” We used to use it when   I was running hiking trips and it’s a fun way to remind people not to forget their stuff or do stupid things.

The contest is simple. Every time you do something stupid (like leave your passport in a bathroom stall, sleep in and keep the rest of the group waiting or buy one of those “friendship” bracelets from the nice men near Montmartre….) you get dick points. Accumulate the most dick points over the course of the trip and you have to bake a cake or make cupcakes for everyone else when we’re back.

We’ll use this page to keep track of people’s points and to  share a few of our favourite hall of shame moments… names may be changed to protect the innocent – but we’ll always know who you are!


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